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Premium Quality

LM3339 3 Way Multifunctional Drinking Faucet Brass Body [LEAD-FREE]

Separate Hose
Independent filtered water hose and outlet
Ceramic Valve Core
Not easy to leak, very durable and reduce water waste
Low lead
Meets European standards. health hygiene

3 Way Faucet

Pull-out three-way filter faucets are kitchen faucets that combine the functions of an ordinary faucet and a water filter. They offer convenience, space savings, multifunctional use, and a filter effect, making them environmentally friendly, easy to install, and cost-effective. 


Good product quality, smooth surface, easy to install

Made of brass with low lead content. The surface treatment process is very fine, clever and original.

Hot and cold water
Hot/cold filtered water
Two independent waterways

4 Way faucet

A 4-way kitchen faucet offers versatility, convenience, water and energy savings, and a modern design. It includes cold, hot, filtered hot/cold water. Installation is easy and requires no complicated modifications. 

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