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About Us


A considerable time ago, the faucet held a mere utilitarian role within households, chosen primarily based on the simple criterion of "functionality." However, this perspective underwent a complete transformation during LJ's journey through Europe. It was there that LJ indulged in the experience of sipping soda and hot water directly from a tap. This seemingly ordinary encounter not only sparked his appreciation for life's finer aspects but also fueled the inception of a groundbreaking idea for faucets.

This experience not only altered LJ's mindset but also completely transformed his perspective on faucets. He began pondering why a faucet couldn't transcend its traditional role as a practical tool and instead evolve into a beautiful fusion of art and functionality. This fundamental question served as the catalyst for his creative awakening, prompting him to establish Liliumfaucet.

Liliumfaucet emerged as a result of redefining the essence of faucets.

LJ is passionate about pursuing the "All in one" design philosophy, seamlessly integrating multifunctionality and environmental consciousness into products, creating a dream kitchen for users. Every faucet meticulously crafted by Liliumfaucet is dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience. From three-way kitchen faucets to four-way and five-way variants, Liliumfaucet continuously introduces innovative products to meet the diverse needs of different users. The introduction of the innovative bubble faucet adds a modern ambiance, transforming the kitchen into a culturally enriched space.

Liliumfaucet is rooted in a love for life and a paradigm shift in traditional viewpoints. Every droplet of water encapsulates our aspirations, and each faucet represents a unique interpretation of the kitchen environment.