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5 Way Kitchen Faucet

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Flexible Pipe Dimension

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Product Details

  1. Five-in-One Functionality: A water dispenser that filters water, and dispenses chilled water, soda water, and regular hot and cold water.
  2. Dual-Handle Control: The left handle is used to dispense filtered/chilled water and soda water (if connected to a soda water cooler kit), while the right handle is used for dispensing regular hot and cold water.
  3. Weight: 2.83 kilogrammes
  4. Convenience: Both filtered water and soda water can be controlled through a single faucet.
  5. Style: Features a stylish modern design with a chrome-plated finish.
  6. Valves: Equipped with high-quality valves for easy installation.
  7. Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifespan of up to 500,000 uses.
  8. Suitable for kitchens: ideal for households with a soda water machine installed.


The 5-in-1 faucet is a multifunctional choice for your kitchen, providing hot and cold water as well as filtered and sparkling water. It brings a sense of technology, practicality, and maximum space savings to your kitchen. With no need for separate installation of a faucet for filtered or sparkling water, the 5 Way Kitchen Faucet can directly connect to the under-sink filtration and sparkling water systems. Enjoying cool, sparkling water is as simple as a twist. Additionally, the filtered water and sparkling water each have their own hose, ensuring that the three types of water do not interfere with each other yet remain integrated. Overall, Liliumfaucet's 5-Way Kitchen Tap boasts a stylish design made from low-lead brass to promote a healthy lifestyle. It combines convenience and functionality, making it the best choice to enhance your kitchen style.


Liliumfaucet 5 Way Kitchen Faucet Working Principle:


5 Way Kitchen Faucet Specifications

Item LM5301
Function Fifth-rate Water Dispenser taps
Number of Holes Single Hole
Inner PE tube from German
Used for
home filtration system
Spare Parts Included:   3 pipes and 3 quick connectors, 1 fixed pipe, 1 horseshoe, and 1 stainless steel gasket. 
Package Contents: 1 faucet, 3 pipes, 3 quick connectors, 1 fixed pipe, 1 horseshoe, and 1 stainless steel gasket.


Installation Instruction

Download product installation instructions: Click here



Our 5-way kitchen faucet is designed to enhance your kitchen experience with its innovative features and sleek design. This versatile faucet offers five different water flow options: hot, cold, cold filtered, hot filtered, and sparkling water. Its size is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen space, combining style and functionality. Upgrade your kitchen with our 5-way kitchen faucet and enjoy the ultimate in convenience and efficiency in your daily tasks.


5 Way Kitchen Faucet 5 Way Kitchen Faucet-1 5 Way Kitchen Faucet-2

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